• Regional 1

    Meppen is situated on the Ems and Hase Rivers as well as the Dortmund Ems Canal. This makes it a perfect spot from which to explore the area by water.

  • Regional 2

    Almost no hills, varied landscapes, great paths – the Emsland region is made for relaxing bike vacations.

  • Regional 3

    Whether its far into the moors, along the water, or through field and forest – Meppen’s surrounding offers a myriad of possibilities.

Experience Meppen

Meppen is a green town located on the water. It lies on the Western edge of Lower Saxony and is only 20 km away from the border to the Netherlands. Since 1977 Meppen is the district town within the Emsland district, the second largest district in Germany. Meppen has about 35,000 inhabitants.

This cozy, small town is surrounded by water. The Hase and Ems rivers as well as the Dortmund-Ems Canal cross in the heart of the city. The green vistas that surround Meppen offer a great number of tourist destinations and pleasant recreation opportunities. Whether you are hiking, walking, paddling or biking: Meppen is multi-faceted and always exciting.

The cultural heart of Meppen with its historic city hall is only a few minutes away from our hotel. The large cinema and the new shopping centre MEP are practically on our doorstep. Meppen’s open air stage, the downtown core and the stadium of the SV Meppen are all accessible within a few minutes.

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Perfectly located for connection to the B70/A31, the train station and marked bicycle routes.