Meppen has been the administrative center of Emsland since 1977. Emsland is the second largest administrative district of Germany. Meppen, which is also known as “the green town at the water”, can be found at the border to Lower Saxony, just 20 kilometers from the border to the Netherlands.

The cozy town is home to 35,000 people. The rivers Hase and Ems as well as the Danube-Ems-Canal flow around the town and meet in the center of Meppen. The wide and open landscape around our hotel offers numerous day trip destinations and exciting leisure offers for our guests. A versatile natural environment invites you to hike, walk, bike or go on a trip on a paddle boat.

Meppen’s cultural center with its historic town hall that is only a few-minutes walk from the hotel. The large cinema and the new MEP shopping center are also not far. Meppen’s open air stage and the Stadion of the SV Meppen are close enough to the hotel for you to walk there as well.



The Emsland reaches from the border to North-Rhine-Westphalia in the south to the East Friesland and it is famous for its wonderfully versatile nature. The typical architecture with its half-timbered houses and classic bricks as well as the seemingly endless flatland of the northern plains make this area a characteristic example of what the north of Germany has to offer.

Hase im Artland bei Badbergen

Clemenswerth Castle

Schloss Clemenswerth (Clemenswerth Castle) is a hunting castle that dates back to the 18th century. Cologne’s elector Clemens August had the castle built. It has a baroque style and is one of the most magnificent buildings in the north of Germany. The castle was designed by the famous Westphalian baroque architect Johann Conrad Schlaun. Originally planned a s a hunting castle, Clemenswerth is a unique historic monument that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Bourtanger Moor

Leisure Center at Dankern Castle

The “Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern” is a true paradise for kids of all ages. The water castle Dankern and the neighboring Dankersee (lake) are the heart of what might be the most popular themed park in the north of Germany. Around the historic castle that dates back to 1680 both children and adults can play, have fun and relax on more than 200 ha of park. Among the many thing to do here are exciting activities like water sky and pony-back riding. The large park also includes an adventure forest as well as various playgrounds and attractions

Meyer Werft